Message from the Coordinator (December 2015)

Dear MW-SIG Members,
I'd like to take this chance to introduce myself. My name is Adam Murray and I am the new coordinator. I’m currently based at Miyazaki International College in sunny southern Kyushu. (Some of you may be familiar with Miyazaki city because it was the site of the 2014 PanSIG Conference). Like most educators, I am continually making supplementary materials to provide additional support for my students. Until now, I have limited experience with commercially published textbooks. I have been involved with piloting and I co-authored a niche classroom-use textbook with Pearson Kirihara a few years ago. Recently, I have been interested in the development of listening materials.
Despite the ubiquitous nature of classroom materials, quality materials are an important part of each teacher's toolbox. As coordinator, I would like to make sure that the MW-SIG continues to provide a quality service to not only the members, but also to the foreign language teaching community as a whole. 
In the next couple of weeks, I am planning to send the membership a description of what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. I look forward to meeting you at upcoming events.
In your service,
Adam Murray

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