Volume XXIII Number 1 (2015) Preview

Richard Walker and Loran Edwards write about the trials and tribulations of writing a textbook. Loran takes us on her personal journey of publishing her own textbook with a major publisher, something I am sure many members of this SIG have thought about as they search for a ‘best fit’ for their own classes.

Likewise, Richard’s article looks at the writing of an in-house textbook for an academic speaking class in his university, perhaps also suggesting that if the ‘best fit’ cannot be found, create it.

If you too have not yet found the best fit, and you have yet to embark upon the writing of your own textbook, then Jim Smiley’s article, which introduces us to differentiated instruction through tiered rubrics will no doubt provide food for thought as we embark upon the new academic year, entering into the unknown when it comes to unstreamed classes.

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