Oita English Language Teacher Training Seminar 2010

Pearson Longman / The Oita-ken International Network / JALT Materials Writers Special Interest Group
Sunday, May 23, 2010 - Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture (10:30 - 16:00)

Supplementing Your Lessons and Curriculum with Eigo Note (日本語/English)
Presenters:  山元一哉先生, Ed Kellerman
Organization: 国立大分大学教育福祉科学部附属小学校
Many schools had a working curriculum for teaching English to Elementary students before Eigo Note hit the scene.  We will discuss how to integrate it into an existing curriculum.  First, we will have a brief discussion on the pros and cons of using Eigo Note and various strategies for using it as a supplement.  We will also briefly give suggestions on using it for teachers teaching English for the first time.  The bulk of the presentation will be a sample lesson showing how we integrated Eigo Note into the curriculum we alreadyhad.  Finally, time permitting, we will have questions and discussion time and focus on other ideas for
integration as well as what kind of support teachers need to use Eigo Note effectively. 

My Share - Energize and Inspire Your Students
Presenter: Neil Millington
Organization: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
The process of mastering a foreign language can be long and often tedious. The learner’s enthusiasm and commitment can help determine the success or failure of this process and as teachers it is part of our responsibility to help our students to remain enthusiastic. Of course, there is no simple answer to make students want to come to class on time, do their homework, participate in class or score well on their tests! Though most students are more than willing to enjoy a class rather than just endure it and it is the aim of the presenter to share activities that have helped energize my classrooms. This presentation will involve you in several activities that you can do in your classes to stimulate your students and energize your classes.

Presenter: 南悦子先生
Organization: 大分市立寒田小学校
  • 1クラス30人で行こうレッスンプラン
  • 子供達に人気があったゲーム
Warming Up: Weather Janken; Don Janken: Mingle Mingle; Chant
PracticeのためActivity: Key Word Game; Swatter Game; Who Stole the Cookies?
CommunicationのためActivity: What’s Wrong? Game;  Harry Potter Game

Making authentic multimedia material for the classroom
Presenter: Todd Beukens
Organization: JALT MW-Sig
This lecture will present ways to effectively create and implement authentic audio and video recordings to be used as instructional material for both classroom and self-study
settings. The presenter will demonstrate various ways to capture both audio and video, as well as simple way to edit, display, or distribute digital material. Participants will be able to get hands on experience using various equipment and will have a chance to create their own content during the presentation.

Taking a Lexical Approach at Elementary and Junior High
Presenter: Simon Weedon
Organization: ‘E’ English School
Teaching methodology in Japan is roughly divided into "fun + communication" at Elementary School and "grammar + accuracy" in Junior High. The presentation will look at how a lexical approach can bridge the gap between the two camps, and will introduce a range of simple classroom activities.

Using tasks to develop learners' oral skills
Presenter: Colin Thompson
Organization: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
During the past twenty years, there has been an increasing amount of research on the role of tasks as a means to develop learners’ second language oral skills. Tasks are
also seen as a motivational form of language learning as they promote learner interaction and language use which is considered to be an enjoyable learning process. At APU, tasks are used as one way to develop learners’ English speaking skills. This presentation will involve a
demonstration of a series of tasks showing how they can promote interaction and develop learners’ communicative skills. The presenter will then conclude by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using tasks in various learning contexts.

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