JALT National Conference 2010

From November 19th to the 22nd, our parent body JALT will host their* annual conference in Nagoya.
For details about the conference overall, visit the JALT National 2010 Conference Web site. There, you'll see how to register, find accommodation, get a list of the complete presentation schedule and many more gems of information. The theme this year is Creativity: Think Outside the Box.
*Rather, 'our' conference.

James Winward-Stuart will be hosting the MW-SIG Forum there.

Perspectives on educational publishing


A panel of experienced editors and authors will discuss how things stand now in the ELT publishing industry, and what the future might hold. Participants will learn about different aspects of the industry and about how to get their work published, including some ways they might not have considered before. This forum is a must for anyone interested in understanding the publishing process or in having their own materials published.
Marcos Benevides, Brian Cullen, Jeffrey Hubbell and Steve King (and possibly also with Curtis Kelly and Alan Maley - depending on scheduling).

We'll also have our AGM where policy and business discussions take place. This is your chance to get on board the MW-SIG team to help out and be involved in the decision making at this exciting time. The time and place will be posted here as soon as we know. We desperately need volunteers to come forward to help with the smooth running of our SIG. Without that base, our more inspiring plans simply won't take off. We need you.

静岡県・静岡コンベンションアーツセンター グランシップ
November 15 - 18, 2024 • Shizuoka Granship, Shizuoka, Japan