Materials Related JALT Chapter Event

Thoughts on ELT Materials Development

Shizuoka Chapter

Date and Time:  Sunday, 26 February 2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Speaker:  Marcos Benevides

Marcos will outline his how his experience as an ESL learner influenced his approach to teaching, and in turn how both continue to inform his work as a writer of ELT materials. This presentation will be of interest to most teachers at any level, but especially to those who want to explore some of the complex connections between learners, teachers, and coursebooks.

Bio: Marcos co-authored Widgets: A task-based course in practical English (Pearson, 2008) and Fiction in Action: Whodunit (Abax, 2010). He is currently series editor for the upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure graded reader series (McGraw-Hill, 2012). He has received the Duke of Edinburgh English Book Award and the British Council International Award for Innovation, both for Whodunit. It was the first time that a coursebook written in Japan has won either award, and the second time in history that one book has won both. He currently lives in Tokyo and teaches at J.F. Oberlin University.

Location:  Kyoiku Kaikan (B1)
Guide to Location:  Link to meeting location
Fee for JALT members:  Free
Fee for one-day members:  1,000 yen

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