Pan-SIG 2013

PAN-SIG 2013! This coming weekend at Nanzan University, Nagoya!

Come to the presentations and support our members!

18th (Sat.)

11:40-13:15 (Room 47)
- Students as materials writers (Dias, Joseph Vincent)
- Between teachers and textbooks (Sato, Azusa)

16:55-18:30 (Room 47)
- Developing authentic Canadian materials for the classroom (Meerman, Arthur; Chartrand, Robert)
- Vocabulary activities for nursingl English (Capper, Simon)

19th (Sun.)

9:00-10:35 (Room 47)
- Developing a writing community through collaborative assignments and social technologies (Tangkiengsirisin, Supong)
- Enhancing student autonomy using language portfolios (Saito, Yukie)
- A listening, reading and watching jigsaw (Furmanovsky, Michael)

11:55-13:30 (Room 47)
***Forum*** From multiple assessments to assigning a grade (Donnellan, Mark; French, Nathaniel; Hunke, Morten; Imig, Alexander)

13:40-15:15 (Room 47)
- Foregrounding learner research for TBL activities (Turner, Matthew; Lowe, Robert)
- Create and use manga and visual learning materials (Hanae, Helen Margaret)

Come to our booth, too! Look forward to seeing you all.



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