2014 MW AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Materials Writers SIG AGM. 

November 22, 2014 3:35pm~4:35pm

9 people present:

Clive Langham, Jim Smiley, Gregg McNabb, Greg Goodmacher, Nate French, Scott Petersen, James Essex, Lorna (?), & Andrew (?). 

  • Nate French is determined to be the recording secretary of the AGM
  • Treasurer’s report: There is 640,000 yen our bank account.
  • Membership is at 84
  • Publications report: publication chair absent
  • Pansig 2014: Travis Holtzclaw, our membership chair had a great presentation, but only 5 people showed up so we need to increase our efforts at publicizing our presentations
Elected officers:

Treasurer: Scott Petersen
Nominated: Jim Smiley
Seconded: Nate French

Publications chair: James Essex
Nominated: Jim Smiley
Seconded: Nate French

Coordinator: Jim Smiley
Nominated: Nate French
Seconded: Scott Petersen

Scott and Lorna volunteer to be shadows for the layout. 

[Note: Later, Nate French was added to the board as a non-elected Member-at-Large.)

All passed by approval.

JALT 2015 Featured Speaker: Cameron Romney (proposed by Jim Smiley)

Best of JALT 2015 – Cameron Romney (Proposed by Jim Smiley)

PanSIG speaker: Greg Goodmacher
Talked about but not officially passed

Replacing Miles’s presentations at JALT 2014
Cameron Romney replaced Miles’s first presentation that morning.
Marc Helgesen will take Miles’s place on the forum
Marc Helgesen, David Barker, and Cameron will join together to replace Miles’s workshop

Theme for MW-SIG Forum for JALT 2015
Gamification of materials
Proposed, but not passed

AGM Adjourned

静岡県・静岡コンベンションアーツセンター グランシップ
November 15 - 18, 2024 • Shizuoka Granship, Shizuoka, Japan