Message from the Coordinator (November 2017)

Dear MW-SIG members,

I hope that the autumn semester is going well for you. It’s just a few weeks until the JALT International Conference. To help you decide which presentations to attend, here is a list of the MW SIG events.

Best wishes,
Adam Murray
MW-SIG Coordinator

Materials Writers SIG Annual General Meeting
Saturday, November 18 - 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM; 202 B

At this meeting, we will elect new officers, report on our activities over the previous year, and discuss ongoing SIG matters. Please plan to attend the AGM – we need your support! If you are considering becoming more active in your SIG, this is the perfect opportunity!

Teaching Materials for Language & Culture Classes
Sunday, November 19 - 12:25 PM - 1:55 PM; 402
Goodmacher, Greg - Keiwa College; Kelly, Curtis - Kansai University; Nagatomo, Diane - Ochanomizu University; Hamada, Mayumi - Ryutsu Kagaku University; Nelson, Forrest - Saitama University; Beuckens, Todd - Asia Pacific University

The Material Writers SIG will host a panel discussion of materials writers who will share how they create teaching materials that develop communication skills and connect Japanese students with our multicultural world. Discussions will include theories and practical tips for publishing such materials. The panel includes authors who have self-published, have published with Japanese companies, and who have published internationally. Discussions will include theories of materials development and practical tips for publishing textbooks.

Message from the Coordinator (May 2017)

Dear MW-SIG members,
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Golden Week and is ready to go for the next part of the semester. I am pleased to officially announce that our Program Chair, Greg Goodmacher, has begun an exciting initiative that will be very useful for our members - the Member Publication List on Materials Creation. Although it is still in the planning stages, it looks like we will have another exciting Forum at JALT2017. If you are interested in participating, don't delay! Also, we are looking for submissions for the upcoming issue of Between the Keys, if you or one of your colleagues are interested in submitting something, please contact the Publication Chair, Jim Smiley (sendaismiley @ gmail . com) Please see here for more information regarding our submission policies. And please note that the next deadline for submissions is July 10th.

Yours in Service,
Adam Murray
(coordinator @ materialswriters . org)

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