The myths and realities of EFL publishing in Japan

 Todd Jay Leonard Workshop 

 (Jay with his books)

Our MW workshop was expertly conducted by Todd Jay Leonard called "The myths and realities of EFL publishing in Japan". An experienced author of 20 books, Todd gave us all insights into EFL publication in a charming and relaxed style.

Todd first published in 1992 and he brought over 20 years of experience of dealing with editors and different publishers, and he as offered compelling advice about how to present and market our own books in the local Japanese environment.

2nd Annual MW SIG GRANT!

2nd Annual MW SIG Grant

The MW SIG will offer the second annual grant of 40,000 yen for the promotion of new materials creation for 2013!

In return

Awardees are required to write:

  • an article about their interests or experiences in materials development
  • a conference report focusing on materials development presentations they attended

These articles will appear in our publication, Between the Keys.


  • As far as possible, the Materials Writers Executive Board will seek to achieve gender equality in the awarding of grants and Japanese/non-Japanese balance.
  • Period for applications to be submitted April 14 to July 15 2012
  • Selection completed by early September in time for pre-registration for the JALT National Conference
  • Applicants must be members of the MW SIG in order to be eligible for application.


Please apply to the MW-SIG Coordinator: mw @ (minus spaces)

in a letter explaining (1) your situation, (2) your contribution to materials development, (3) why you think you should be awarded the grant, and (4) what kind of article you propose writing for us.

Applications will be notified of their success by September 1, 2012.

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