PanSIG 2017

Materials Writing With a Pragmatic Focus (Joint Forum with the Pragmatics SIG)

Capper, Simon (Hiroshima College of Nursing)
Ishii, Yosuke (Tokai University International Education Center)
Kawashima, Chie (MacQuarie University & Tochigi Technical High School)

One area where pragmatics can—and should—play a significant role is in the production of materials for students and teachers. When students speak in a stilted and textbook way, it is noticeable, and it does not present the student in a positive light. This forum will share ways that materials can be made more appropriately pragmatic and it should help teachers get a solid sense of what they can do at the ground level.

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The Graded Readers Authorship Publication Experience (GRAPE) is designed to help authors write and publish graded readers. On the day of the event, participants will learn from experts in the field on the major aspects of the creative and publication process. After the event day, participants will continue to work together in an organized peer-support system via Google Classroom, with the goal being to publish stories on an online extensive reader platform.


March 25, 2023 -  11:00 to 4:00

Temple University, Osaka Center, Japan

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静岡県・静岡コンベンションアーツセンター グランシップ
November 15 - 18, 2024 • Shizuoka Granship, Shizuoka, Japan