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Vol. 19 [1] May 2011

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The Official Newsletter of the Materials Writers, a JALT Special Interest Group

Coordinator’s Column


Greg Goodmacher

A message from the outgoing coordinator: Greg Goodmacher

The MW SIG has gone through a few changes this year.  I took over the coordinating position at the last minute because Jim Smiley, our previous coordinator, required time off to take care of personal matters.  He has returned with an unlimited amount of enthusiasm, and now I must take care of my own personal matters, so he will be guiding our group into the future.  This past year, our group worked with several local JALT chapters to facilitate more MW-related events, and, in general, our members are sharing more information about the materials that they have created and published. There is more planned for next year, and I hope that all MW members will become active members!

Greg Goodmacher