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Volume Author Title
Vol 22 no. 1 Nate FrenchMessage from the Co-ordinator
Jim Smiley From the Editor
Allan Goodwin Using copywriting training in an EFL writing course
Travis Holtzclaw Using Eiken vocabulary lists to ensure socially relevant materials
Chie KawashimaPragmatic features in ELT textbooks for beginners
Cameron Romney Typeface recommendation
Miles Craven What type of writer are you?
Jim Smiley Word clouds and text revision
Vol 21 no. 3 Nate FrenchMessage from the Co-ordinator
MW-SIG MW-SIG AGM Meeting Minutes
Travis Holtzclaw Membership Report
Jim SmileyMW-SIG Programme for JALT 2014
Scott Petersen Treasurer's Report
Vol 21 no. 2 Eric LerstromFrom the Editor
Todd Jay Leonard So You Want to Publish an EFL Textbook?
Neil Hefferman & Michael Delve A Learner-centered approach to curriculum design
Andrew ReimannTeachers as Writers
Richard Miles Impromptu Presentations
Gregory Paul Glasgow & Daniel Leigh PallerLanguage-in-Education Policies and MEXT-approved EFL Textbooks in the New Course of Study.
Vol 21 no. 1 Nate FrenchCo-ordinator’s column
Eric LerstromFrom the Editor
Azusa Sato Programme Chair Column
Nate French Reward Probability and Uncertainty
Brian Cullen & Sarah MulveyApproaches to Material Writing
Nate French Variable Sentence Response
Jim SmileyCreating Classroom Audio using Online Sources
Noboru SakaiWord Calculation Game
Eric LerstromTaking a Trip
Greggory WroblewskiA Guest from Overseas
Vol 20 no. 3 Nate FrenchCo-ordinator’s column
Jim SmileyFrom the Editor
Diane Nagatomo Striving toward writing gender-balanced EFL textbooks
Don Maybin My Route to Publishing
Gerald MuirheadWorld News report from VOA
Brian Cullen &
Avril Haye-Matsui
NeuroELT: Incorporating the Findings of Neuroscience into EFL Materials
Scott PetersenShopping Story Listening
Mark HelgesenNotes from the Apocrypha
Clive LanghamA MEXT-authorized Textbook
Vol 20 no. 2 Cameron RomneyCo-ordinator’s column
Jim SmileyFrom the Editor
Gregg McNabbSelf Publishing: My Story
Jim SmileyPublisher Profile: Perceptia Press
Greg GoodmacherEducational materials and activities of the Asian Youth Forum
Brian Cullen & Sarah MulveyWriter’s Point
Simon CapperQuizlet--and how it helped my Bedside Manner
Victoria Boobyer#ELTpics
Marc Helgesen et. alOde to Myriad Pro
Jim SmileyEducation Value System
Richard MilesUsing News Stories in the Classroom
Vol 20 no.1 Cameron RomneyCo-ordinator's column
Jim SmileyFrom the Editor
Matthew CoomberPromoting interaction through materials design
Kazuyoshi Sato et. alFocus-on-Form Instruction and Student Learning
Michio Tajima et. alOn demand self-publishing
Darrell WilkinsonStudent-centered activities in mixed-level classes
Jim SmileyPublisher Profile: Fine Line Press
Jim SmileyMaterial Writers Development Project
Cameron RomneyTwo Presentations
Brian CullenWriter’s Point
Dave DolanThoughts on Digital Publishing
Jim SmileyThe Anatomy of a Page in a Single Typeface
Vol 19 no.2Brian CullenWriter's Point
Keith BarrsReconceptualising English in the Japanese Language as an L2 Lexical Resource for Teachers and Learners
John SpiriSelf-publishing
Jim SmileyMaking a class handout booklet
Vol 19 no.1. No PDF yet. Access the web versionGreg Goodmacher From the outgoing coordinator
Brian CullenWriter’s Point
John Honisz-GreensHow to Control Vocabulary Input to Aid Student Fluency and Vocabulary Acquisition, part 2
Asako KajiuraEco-friendly Cooperative Housing Activity
Roger BarnardThe Long and Twisting Road
Sean BerminghamGetting Work as a Freelance Materials Writer
Curtis KellyKelly's Rules of Thumb for Getting Published
Curtis KellyResponses to Curtis Kelly's article
Vol 18 no.2 Brian Cullen Writer’s Point
John Honisz-Greens How to Control Vocabulary Input to Aid Student Fluency and Vocabulary Acquisition
Jared Baierschmidt Materials Development Case Study: “Could” versus “Was Able To” Self-Study Worksheets
Scott Petersen Introducing Quia
Vol 18 no.1 Katherine Thorton Materials for self-directed learning: getting students involved
Thomas Lockley How Global Issues made Compulsory Language Lessons Compulsive
Bob Morrison Writing for Writing: Implementing a Genre Approach in Materials Design
Vol 17 no.1 Dougherty, King, Lieb, Mano Bill Balsamo's Legacy: A Quartet of Lessons from a Master
Damian J. Rivers Communicative Vocabulary Building Through Culturally Appropriate Materials
Ben Shearon Collaborative Materials Generation: Class Profiles
Vol 16 no.3 Jim Smiley The Missing Piece: A look at language modification
Greg Goodmacher Students Becoming Writers of Teaching Materials
Simon Cooke Toot Your Own Horn
Marc Helgesen Working Together
Vol 16 no.2 Simon Cooke Introducing writing to Japanese high-school students
Richard Walker Improving the worth of Criterion with corpus-informed materials
Kristofer Bayne New Tomlinson
Greg Goodmacher A Review board game based on shinkeisuijaku
Vol 16 no.1 Jamar A. Miller Direct instructional model lesson plans part 2
Allan Murphy Expressions
Jim Smiley Gentle inspiration: an interview with Kevin Cleary
John Daly Toot you own horn
Miles Craven Considerations in materials design and development
Vol 15 no.3
Jamar A. Miller Direct instructional model lesson plans part 1
Jane Nakagawa Writers Conference report
Kristofer Bayne Toot your own horn
Robert Long The Writers' Cooperative
Vol 15 no.1 Tim Newfields An Interview with Allen Ascher
Eric M. Skier and Miki Kohyama Editing MAYA: Managing a Dialogic, Collaborative, and Humanistic Approach to an Anthology Project
David Lisgo Computer-generated Crosswords for Use in University False Beginner Classes
Kristofer Bayne A Report on Publishing-Related Sessions at JALT2005, Part 3 of 3
Vol 14 no.3 John Nevara Making your own Class CD
Gerry Lassche Conceptualizing Authenticity: Discussion of 4 Case Studies
Jim Smiley Semantic Distance as a Predictor of Linguistic Difficulty
Simon Cole Reflection on Producing a Writing Textbook
Marc Helgesen Notes from the Apocrypha
Jim Smiley Open Source Freebies
Vol 14 no.2 John Nevara Getting Feedback: Having Materials Peer-Edited
Daniel Droukis Preparing Materials for Athletes
Jacoba Akazawa Writing English Texts for the Japanese Market
Brian Cullen Textbook Design for Scientific English
Vol 14 no.1 Kristofer Bayne Publishing-Related Sessions at JALT2005, Part 2 of 3
Jim Smiley Classroom Materials: One Teacher's Story
Greg Goodmacher Reflections on a Survey of Materials Writers in Japan
Marc Helgesen Comprehension Questions
Vol 13 no.2 Simon Cooke An Appraisal of 'Home-Grown' Materials in the English Conversation Classroom
Daniel Droukis and Kiyoshi Yukitoki On Becoming a textbook writer
Michiyo Masui Creating Telephone Conversation Templates
Kris Bayne More for a Materials Writer's Bookshelf
Jim Smiley Little Sentences, Big Meanings: Forwarding a Theory for Activity Instructions
Vol 13 no.1 Cameron Romney With Serifs or Without?
Daniel Droukis An Interview with Steven Gershon
Brian Cullen and Kevin Quinn Writing the Winning Entry
Marc Helgesen Notes on the MW-SIG Contest
Kristofer Bayne Publishing-Related Sessions at JALT2005, Part 1 of 3
Thompson Publishing Tips for Getting Published
Thompson, Cambridge, and Longman Asia ELT Author Guidelines for Submitting Proposals
Vol 12 no.2 Daniel Droukis Arguments in favour for the Adaptation of Published Pedagogic Materials
Jim Smiley Improving Document Readability
Daniel Droukis A Partner in Materials Writing: MATSDA
Vol 12 no.1 Trudie Heiman 4 Routes to Self-Publishing: From Finished Manuscript to Printed Book
John Adamson The Globalisation Debate in Business English: Exploiting the Literature
Tim Newfields People in Materials Writing: An Interview with Marc Helgesen
Jim Smiley My Share: Snappy Ideas!
Vol 11 no.3 Daniel Droukis People in Material Writing: Susan Iannuzzi and Deborah B. Gordon, TESOL Material Writers Co-chairs Elect
Tracy Terrell Franz JALT2003 Conference Feature: The Online Writing Class and F2F Classroom Applications
Melinda Kawahara Using Storybooks
Kenneth Beigel JALT2003 Conference Feature: What about Using Conversation Templates in Class?
Jim Smiley Review: Many Faces of Love by Joseph Falout
Vol 11 no.1 Judith A. Johnson Instructional Design--One Teacher's Method
Jim Porcaro Housing
Greg Goodmacher Developing Web-Based Materials for English Study with Hot Potatoes
Daragh Hayes Problems, Problems
Vol 10 no.3 Daniel Droukis Writing Material for the Airline Industry
Simon Howell The Beach: A Movie Lesson Plan
Vol 10 no.2 Joseph Cronin Self-Publishing an English Language Textbook
Christopher Weaver Going to Press: Some Important Considerations When Putting Your Textbook into Print
Kristofer Bayne Hedging and Hoping: The Addressee in Textbook Rubrics
Kenneth Beigel JALT2003 Conference Feature: What about Using Conversation Templates in Class?
Marc Helgesen and Brenda Hayashi Student Learning Strategy Handout
Vol 10 no.1 P. Charles Brown The Newspaper: A Materials Writer's Gold Mine
Thia Jackson-Maki Lesson Plan for Marvin Gaye's What's Going On?
Chris Elvin Task Support for Aural Decoding of Large Numbers
Daniel Droukis American Signs in the Classroom
Vol 9 no.3 Joseph J. Falout Helpful Non-L2 Classroom Material Web Sites
Joseph J. Falout Super Tic--Tac--Toe
Vol 9 no.2 John Small Creating an Interactive Movie Review
Daniel Droukis Using Books Which Emphasize Questions Over Dialogues
Graham Bathgate and Allan Murphy Write for Japanese Students