Dear Readers,
Allow me to introduce what is likely to be my last issue as Publications Chair of Between the Keys.

We, the Material Writers team, after our individual blurbs, bring you a host of articles in our new-look publication. We kick off with what is going to be a regular column – Local Notes where we interview Japan-based material writers. Our first interview is with Yukari Kasuda who has recently published not just one but two books!

You may remember from a previous issue part one of Richard Walker’s Confessions of a Collaborator. Well worry not; in this edition we bring you the second and concluding part of his account of writing an in-house textbook for use at Reitaku University.

Moving on from that, we finish with a ‘My Share’ from Kinsella Valies in which she explains how to assess student ability to apply listening, speaking and writing strategies studies by having them listen to an English language presentation by a guest speaker.

Finally, allow me to reiterate what Adam has already said; the team are always looking for people who want to get involved with the creation of BtK, either in a chair role or something less demanding. Interested? Contact our coordinator, Adam Murray, without delay!

Thank you for your support over the last eighteen months or so.

James Essex
Publications Chair 

Dear MW SIG members,
The autumn semester has been flying by and the JALT International Conference will soon be here. I’m sure that it will be a great conference for professional development!
Adam Murray
SIG Coordinator


1. MW SIG Annual General Meeting (AGM)

MW SIG Annual General Meeting
Sun, Nov 27, 11:35 AM – 12:20 PM; Room 1208

At this meeting, we will elect new officers, report on our activities over the previous year, and discuss ongoing SIG matters. Please plan to attend the AGM – we need your support! If you are considering becoming more active in your SIG, this is the perfect opportunity!

2. Between the Keys

Got something to share with your colleagues in Japan and around the world? The deadline for submissions for the next issue is November 10th. We publish a wide range of articles including reviews, and “My Share”-style articles. For more details (and the style guide) take a look here.

3. MW SIG Forum: Materials Writers Forum: Writing & Publishing

Sun, Nov 27, 1:05 PM – 2:35 PM; Room 1208
Two publishers and eight materials writers will share ideas and experiences in the field of materials design, writing, and publishing. Some writers publish and present internationally. Others concentrate on writing for niche markets or their own classes. Cengage and ABAX editors will explain how to work with them. Presenters will sit at separate tables. Attendees will listen to a brief explanation of their topics and then join whomever they wish for short focused conversations.

Adam Murray - Thoughts on Developing Listening Materials
Gregg McNabb - Professional Level Self- Publishing in Japan         
Jim Smiley - How a Non-Medic Can Write Medical texts: A Methodology
Gregory Strong - Five Principles in Writing Graded Readers
Tsuyoshi Yoshida (Cengage Publishing) - TBA
Gregory Hadley -Making the Most of Student-Generated Vocabulary Materials      
Tim Frandsen - How to Self-Publish Through Amazon        
Junko Yamanaka - Creating Materials that Promote Critical Thinking             
Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto - Designing EFL Materials for Young Learners
Hugh Graham-Marr - The Writer-Publisher Relationship: One Publisher's Perspective

4. Presentations by SIG Members

In addition to our Forum, there are three presentations by SIG members that you certainly won’t want to miss!
1. Sourcing Images for Teacher-Made Materials
Romney, Cameron - Doshisha University
Sat, Nov 26, 12:05 PM - 12:30 PM; Room 1201
We are increasingly living in a visual world. Our students are comfortable with deriving meaning by both textual and visual means and they often expect visually rich learning materials. But where can educators find images for their materials? How can they legally use images without violating copyright? In this presentation the advantages and disadvantages for three leading sources of images will be analyzed to show how educators can legally source images for their materials.
2. Language Teaching: Culture & Environmental Issues
Goodmacher, Greg - Keiwa College; Kajiura, Asako - Keiwa College
Sat, Nov 27, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM; Room 1003
What principles should teachers consider when teaching culture, environmental issues, and language to Japanese students? The presenters have been teaching courses covering these three subjects as content-based language instruction (CBI) for many years. They will share ideas about organizing language lessons and creating effective teaching materials. Attendees will leave with teaching ideas for their classes after examining a new CBI textbook and experiencing interactive activities that stimulate students to communicate about culture and environmental issues.
3. 10 Top Tips for Getting Your Textbook Published
Capper, Simon - Japanese Red Cross Hiroshima College of Nursing
Sun, Nov 27, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM; Room 1002
This poster shares the knowledge of an experienced writer of over a dozen commercially published textbooks, providing (at least) 10 tips to enhance the book-birthing process, from conception to delivery. Those wishing to get involved in textbook publishing will also find suggestions that may help to transform their projects. The tips to avoid labor pains include: getting your foot in the door; finding your ‘gap’; establishing your principles; common pitfalls, and post-publication promotion.